Ghost Inc Avenger 3.5 Lb Trigger Connector & Competition Kit # GHO_AVG_3.5KIT


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United States
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Trigger Connector
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Trigger Parts,Trigger Connector
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Trigger Connector
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Ghost Inc.


Model 17 GEN 1-4

Ghost Inc. Avenger Trigger 

Warning: This kit is for competition use only - not for duty use.

We recommended a Certified Gunsmith, Glock Armorer or Ghost Inc 
should be consulted for install of this product. 

Please read full product description, item specifics and titles before making
 a purchase. 

All Ghost Inc connectors come with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty! 

 The Ghost Avenger 3.5 High Polished Drop-in Trigger Connector fits 
Model 17 GEN 1-4 Glocks 
(except 42 & 43). 

These connectors have a 3.5lb angle which allows a user to reduce the 
overall trigger pull weight and smoothness of the trigger. 

Ghost 4lb Reduced Power Competition Trigger Spring Kit: 

The Reduced Power Spring Kit is ideal for sport or competitive shooting.

Consisting of 3 springs:

1). A 4.0lb reduced power firing pin spring.

2). A 6.0lb trigger spring (on Glock pistols a more powerful trigger spring lessens the over-all trigger pull weight)

3). A reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring.

All Ghost Inc products feature a Lifetime Warranty direct from Ghost Inc which covers product(s) 
against manufacturer defects, installation and use of the product(s). 

This is a highly polished 3.5 angled connector that will feel smoother and lighter than your stock trigger feel.

 Cleaner break with nicer reset. This connector falls in between the Ultimate 3.5 and 
Standard 3.5 as far as feel and function. 

This 3.5 lb. trigger connector is dedicated to those who want a little something "extra" on their side. 

The unspoken moral courage of doing the right thing for God and Country! 

God forbid you need to use it! It is a piece of American Cold Steel that will transform your 
Austrian pistol into a loyal straight shooting American AVENGER.

“One who avenges or vindicates: as, an avenger of blood”. 

No modification needed. 

Installation instructions available on Ghost Inc’s website. 

All Ghost Inc connectors come with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty! 


We are unable to accept returns on used, fitted, or altered parts. 
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