PMG-32SW L.E. Wilson Max Cartridge Gauge for 32 S&W Long & 32 New Colt Police

L.E. Wilson

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L.E. Wilson
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L.E. Wilson

Max Cartridge Gauge 



For: 32 S&W Long

L.E. Wilson has been producing high quality precision reloading tools for over 80 years.

The Max Cartridge gauge gives reloaders the ability to check all critical maximum cartridge dimensions of straight wall cartridges - mouth diameter, base diameter, rim thickness and diameter, case and overall length and bullet diameter.


  • If your cartridge will fit into the gauge, it should fit in any firearm chambered to SAAMI specifications for this specific cartridge.
  • Not all firearm chambers or magazines are designed to SAAMI specifications.

 From L.E. Wilson:

 "It is important to note that the Pistol Max Gage is based off of MAX CARTRIDGE and NOT Min Chamber. 

This makes a difference of about .001" to .002" depending on the caliber and print. 

So, if it is not going into the gage that would mean that one of the dimensions is oversized. 

This however, does not mean that it will not fire or chamber. 

This is to say, when checking the round against MAX Cartridge dimensions, it does not pass. 
This important thing is that it was caught and leads you to further check your loaded rounds before firing, and the gage has done its job. 

Most Pistol Gages out there are based off MIN Chamber, that is because it is much easier to get the chamber reamer and you do not have to know what you are ordering. 

It also means it will pass more rounds leading to less callbacks. 

But we think it is important to look at the cartridge to make sure all imperfections are caught."



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