Tyrant Designs Extended Slide Catch Lever for Sig Sauer P365 # TD-P365SCL-BLK

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Tyrant Designs
Extended Slide Catch Lever
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Extended Slide Catch Lever, BLACK

For: Sig Sauer P365
Fits all post 2019 P365 variants



Fitment Notes:

Uses existing OEM spring
All post 2019 Sig Sauer P365 platform variants (May not be compatible 2019 and earlier FCU's)
Works on new 365 Macro
Fits on California compliant versions

Introducing the first-ever Sig Sauer 365 Extended Slide Catch to be CNC Machined! Made from stainless steel and finished in PVD our drop-in replacement Sig Sauer slide catch lever is the perfect upgrade for your pistol.

Having issues returning your slide forward when loaded OR even when no magazine is present?

Tyrant has made slight geometry changes that now allow the slide catch to also function as a slide release (no slide release function on empty magazines).

This means no more needing to use both thumbs and no more needing to manipulate the slide by hand in order to return to battery!

Our Sig Sauer 365 extended slide catch/release adds surface area and a raised texture that greatly improves usability for all! It is the perfect upgrade for conceal carry AND competition.

Never again will your thumb slip while manipulating your Sig Sauer slide release!

What is it?

This drop-in replacement Sig Sauer P365 extended slide catch/release lever has a surface area extended over the OEM size.

Why use it?

One of the main flaws of the Sig Sauer Factory release lever is that it is extremely difficult to manipulate with one thumb/hand.

This results in the operator occasionally slipping when attempting to manipulate the lever, or simply failing to put the firearm into battery.

Our Sig P365 slide catch/release lever offers an extended AND raised surface area to ensure easy manipulation of the Sig Sauer slide.

It is easy to install, functions great, and looks fantastic!


"Not overly long. Just right without being gaudy. It added just enough length for my short thumb and small hand so I don't have to do a small rotation for get to the release."

"Easier to manipulate, and holds the slide better than the stock lever. Note: I needed to trim the slot larger on my Wilson Combat grip module with an Exacto knife so the lever could move all the way up. A bonus is that it matches the look of the Tyrant takedown lever."


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