Tyrant Designs Gen 5 Magwell GREY/BLK SCREW New! # TD-G19-G5-MW-GREY-BLKSCREW

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Pistol Magwell



Fits the Following: G19, G23

Glock Generation: Generation 3, Generation 4, Generation 5

Fitment Notes:
Incompatible with OEM 10-Round Base Plate (But will work with Tyrant's 10-round base plate) Incompatible with backstraps

Engineering the Future of Glock Magwells with Tyrant CNC: A Deep Dive into Precision, Functionality, and Aesthetics for the Glock 19 and Glock 23 Magwells

The Glock pistol, a revered benchmark in the firearm industry, undoubtedly deserves components crafted with unyielding precision and dedication.

If Glock 19/23 Magwell’s for Gen 3, Gen 4, or Gen5 are keywords echoing in your search history, welcome to the epitome of engineering mastery.

Dive deep into the mechanics and philosophy behind Tyrant CNC's meticulously engineered compatible magwell for the Glock 19 and Glock 23.

CNC Machining: The Heart of Precision

In the vast realm of engineering, some techniques conspicuously rise above the rest.

At the core of Tyrant CNC's commitment to excellence is our Magwell's birth process.

Skillfully crafted by our experienced engineers, this magwell is birthed from the nuanced ballet of 5-axis CNC machines. Using the renowned 7000 series aluminum—known for its unyielding strength—each Magwell emerges as an artifact of pinpoint precision.

This isn't mere manufacturing; it's where technology and craftsmanship converge.

In-depth on Angling: The Science Behind Smooth Reloading

For many shooters, multidirectional reloading poses a persistent challenge.

The solution, as sculpted by Tyrant CNC's engineering, lies in a Magwell designed with meticulously calculated angles ranging from 45 to 65 degrees pitch underneath.

The rationale? These angles, derived from exhaustive testing, ensure the magazine finds its home flawlessly, whether in a high-stakes competition or a tense tactical moment.

Custom Securing: An Engineer's Touch

To the untrained eye, a screw might seem inconsequential.

But to an engineer, it's a universe of precision.

Tyrant CNC's custom-made aluminum screw isn't a mere accessory.

Birthed from countless design iterations, it guarantees theTyrant CNC Magwell's secure affixation, preventing thread damage even if over-tightened.

Profile Design: Marrying Functionality with Aesthetics

Striking the balance between utility and elegance is an engineer's perennial quest.

Tyrant CNC's Glock 19/23 compatible Magwell, while built for competitive rigor, boasts a low-mid profile ensuring concealed carry users find no impediments.

Thus, whether you're flexing your skills on the range or navigating urban terrains, our Magwell seamlessly integrates into your narrative.

Versatility in Compatibility: Embracing the Glock Ecosystem

Anticipating user needs is at the heart of engineering foresight.

Recognizing the varied magazine preferences of Glock aficionados, Tyrant CNC's Magwell promises unparalleled compatibility.

From OEM magazines to our exclusive +5 magazine extensions and beyond, we've tailored a snug embrace.

And in those rare challenging moments of magazine jams, rest easy knowing a swift solution awaits.

From Concept to Creation: The Odyssey of Tyrant CNC's Magwell

Every creation has a backstory.

From nascent sketches to intricate CAD designs, from first prototypes to relentless testing, the genesis of our Magwell is a tapestry of dedication.

Insights from seasoned professionals, feedback from passionate users, and Tyrant CNC's unwavering commitment have all shaped its evolution.

Final Thoughts: Beyond Just a Component

While "Magwell for Glock 19", "Magwell for Glock 23", and "P80 Magwell" might guide you to a plethora of products, Tyrant CNC's Magwell stands apart.

It's not just a component—it's a declaration of what transpires when engineering marries passion.

In a world that heralds precision, our Magwell stands as a testimony to Tyrant CNC's relentless pursuit of perfection.

Experience the confluence of design, function, and artistry with our engineering magnum opus.


"nice design, comfortable and easy install."

"Perfect fit. Unique design"

"I like the magwell it really helps with my grip"



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